Sword Ownership in Victoria

Under Victorian law the ownership is restricted.

Scholar Victoria is a member of both Historical Fencing Australia (HFA) and the Western Martial Academies of Australia (WMAA) and as such are exempted from certain prohibitions on sword ownership.

This means our members can own swords for training purposes, and use them in class and at training events and tournaments.  As a member of Scholar Victoria there are a number of conditions you must adhere to in order to retain your exemption status:

1) You must not fit the criteria of a Prohibited Person under Victorian Law with respect to sword ownership.

2) You must provide Scholar Victoria with your legal name, and the address at which you will be storing your swords.

3) Swords and other weapons must be stored and used in accordance with the relevant legislation set out in the Control of Weapons Act and related laws.

4) If at any time you change your address or become a Prohibited Person you must notify Scholar Victoria immediately.

Specific Legislative Information

Prior to 2020 Historical Fencing was categorised as a martial art and so was covered under:

Victorian Sword Ownership – Martial Arts Exemption

As of 2020 the Department of Justice and Police Victoria have classified Historical fencing under the general exemption for fencing:

Victorian Sword Ownership – General Exemption for Fencing

Both definitions use the concept of a prohibited person:

Prohibited Person – Definition

For any modifications or updates to this legislation we advise searching here, or seeking legal advice.