Neuling (Novice/Newcomer) Syllabus

The novice syllabus comprises a “basics of longsword” course designed to give students an introduction to the art at a very superficial level, yet equip them with enough terminology and principles to continue to further study if they so desire.

In addition to any lessons it may be valuable to provide the students with a printout of the description of the basics of Meyer’s system.


  • Parts of a sword
  • Four openings


  • Passing step, Gathering step, Triangle Step
  • Distance & Measure


  • 4 principal guards
    • Ochs
    • Pflug
    • Vom-tag
    • Alber
  • Secondary Guards
    • Langort
    • Zornhut
    • Wechsel
    • Nebenhut


  • 4 principal cuts
    • Oberhauw
    • Unterhauw
    • Mittelhauw
    • Zornhauw

Meyer Square

  • Drills:
    • Meyer square – outer ring only
    • Meyer square in opposition – outer ring only


Lesson Plan

For new students there is a simple lesson plan for their first weeks of training: