Membership & Getting Started

Getting Started

Looks like you’re considering giving Historical Fencing a try.

In case you haven’t already, you might want to take a look at the Class Schedule.

The good news is, if you haven’t trained with us before then


Before coming to class though run through the following steps:

Step 1 – Do You Have Previous Experience?

Yes! I Have Prior Experience

Many people come to our club from other clubs, or with other fencing experience.

If you’ve fenced before, be it historical fencing, kendo, or modern fencing, you can join straight in with regular classes.

Get in touch through our Contact Page and continue your fencing journey with us.

No! I’m New to Fencing

Never tried Historical Fencing before? No problem. Just join one of our beginner’s courses before starting our regular lessons.

The beginner’s course consists of a two 90 minutes sessions and will introduce you to the fundamentals of sword combat.

Armed with your newfound skills you’re all set to join our regular weekly classes and continue your fencing journey.

Get in touch through our Contact Page to find out when our next beginner’s course starts.

Step 2 – Sign Up

Before your first class please fill out the Membership Form which collects essential details for insurance purposes.

As part of the sign up you’ll have to read through and agree to our:

Fill out the MEMBERSHIP FORM and you’re ready to go!

Any information collected in the signup process is kept strictly confidential and is retained only for insurance purposes and so we can contact you. There is no obligation to continue training once you’ve filled out the membership form, and you can discontinue whenever you want.

Step 3 – Training Fees

If you’ve decided after your 4 week trial that Historical Fencing is for you, then let us know, and we’ll take you through the steps below to become a full member.

Select a class fee payment option from the table below which suits you, and contact us to let us know which option you’re going for.

Scholar Victoria Inc. is a registered non-profit sporting association; our class fees cover hire of the training space, running costs, club equipment, and paying for special events and activities.

Monthly Subscription – 1 Class per week Monthly Subscription – 2 Classes per week Casual Class Fee


($11.55 per class)

Nominate a single class to come to each week (longsword or single-handed sword, subject to class capacity). This is ideal if you are going to come most weeks to one of the classes.


($8.65per class)

This covers both our longsword and single-handed sword classes each week, and provides the best value for money. Please be aware that this option may not be available if one of our classes is already at capacity.


If you’re not able to make it regularly, this gives you flexibility.

Payable via PayPal subscription (we will provide you a link). Payable via PayPal subscription (we will provide you a link). Paid prior to class directly to the instructor – cash or card accepted.

* Insurance is provided through Gallagher sports insurance, PDS is available on request.