COVID19 Protection Policy

1. Purpose

The main objective of the Scholar Victoria Inc. (“our”, “us” or “we”) COVID Protection Policy (“policy”) is to safeguard our coaches, members, and other users who share our training venue. It outlines our commitment to safe practices during the current situation.

2. Brief Summary

This document covers a number of elements which include:

  • COVIDSAFE Coaching course requirements for instructors/coaches;
  • rules for attendance & practice (social distancing);
  • equipment usage and cleaning;
  • use of the venue;
  • recording/registration of attendance;
  • reporting requirements in the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case;
  • participant waivers;
  • breaches of policy;

3. Who Our Policy Applies To

This policy applies to everyone involved in the official activities of our club whether they are in a paid or unpaid/voluntary capacity and including:

  • club committee members, administrators and other club officials;
  • coaches and assistant coaches and other personnel participating in events and activities, including competition and training sessions;
  • support personnel;
  • referees, umpires and other officials;
  • athletes;
  • members;
  • spectators

4. Extent of Our Policy

Our policy covers all matters directly related to Scholar Victoria and its official activities. 

5. Club Responsibilities

Scholar Victoria Inc. will:

  • adopt, implement and comply with this policy;
  • ensure that this policy is enforceable;
  • publish, distribute and promote this policy and the consequences of any breaches of this policy;
  • ensure that a copy of this policy is available or accessible to all people and organisations to whom this policy applies;
  • review this policy as the situation changes.

6. Individual Responsibilities

Everyone associated with our club must:

  • make themselves aware of the contents of this  policy;
  • comply with all relevant provisions of this policy, including the standards of behaviour outlined in this policy;
  • be responsible and accountable for their behaviour; and
  • comply with any decisions and/or measures imposed under this policy.

7. Specific Provisions

7.1 COVIDSAFE Coaching Qualification

Scholar Victoria requires all coaches to have completed the COVIDSAFE Coach qualification which is provided by Coaching Australia via Open Learning. Coaches will follow the materials laid out in this course when running any Scholar Victoria activities or classes. Specifically coaches should:

  • Allow no more than 20 total participants per class
  • Monitor and maintain all of the policies listed in this document
  • Prepare lessons/training plans in such a way that participants can maintain social distancing of 1.5 metres

7.2 Rules for Attendance & Practice

In accordance with instructions provided by Sports Victoria and the Department of Health, all participants are required to socially distance themselves before, during, and after training.


  • No spectators will be allowed at training sessions/activities.
  • Participant numbers are limited to a maximum of 20.
  • Participants are to maintain a distance of greater than 1.5 metres between their own personal equipment when it is not in use (gear bags, gloves, masks etc.).
  • When using toilet facilities participants are to observe the rules of no more than 1 person per 4 square metres in enclosed spaces.
  • During practice, participants must maintain a distance of 1.5metres or greater wherever possible.
  • Before and after class we recommend that participants wash their hands thoroughly or use appropriate hand sanitiser.


  • Any member with flu-like symptoms MUST NOT attend classes or events until they have been cleared as not having COVID19.
  • Any member who has been in contact with a person who has been confirmed as having COVID19 MUST NOT attend classes until they have undergone a 2 week quarantine period, as well as COVID19 testing, per government recommendations.

7.3 Equipment Usage & Cleaning

Under the current conditions the following provisions apply to club equipment:

  • Scholar Victoria Inc. will NOT be allowing participants to borrow or use protective gear that belongs to the club on a per-class basis. The risks of shared masks, gloves, etc. are clear, and the effort involved in cleaning between sessions means that no gear will be loaned to students on a per-class basis.
  • Scholar Victoria Inc. may (at their discretion) allow long-term loan of masks to members who do not own one. Members are expected to maintain the equipment, keep it clean, and return it in good working order. Any broken equipment will be replaced at the member’s own cost, except where that breakage is from normal in-class usage.
  • Scholar Victoria Inc. will continue to lend weapons for fencing to members who do not own equipment, however students MUST clean the equipment after use.

 Regarding shared personal equipment:

  • We do not recommend sharing of personal equipment between members. While performing club activities members may NOT lend masks to other students under any circumstance.

7.4 Use and Care of Facilities

All members of Scholar Victoria Inc. must show due care for the venue. We recognise that the club shares venues with many other sporting groups, as well as members of the public, and we should make the utmost efforts to reduce infection risk where possible.

Members shall:

  • Limit their use of  bathroom facilities to a single designated stall which is used by all members, to minimise infection risk and cleaning requirements.
  • Limit themselves to the use of a single sink for cleaning hands.
  • Bring their own drinking water and not use water from the facility.
  • Minimise their impact on the venue by keeping their equipment to a single tidy area, and limiting the training area to the minimum required.
  • Ensure that they arrive at such a time as to not be waiting in or around the facility for any length of time.
  • Ensure that they depart from the facility promptly and do not linger in the venue.

Where facilities do not have dedicated cleaning staff:

  • Members who use bathroom facilities will be responsible for thoroughly cleaning those facilities at the end of class. Cleaning materials will be provided by Scholar Victoria Inc. and members are expected to clean the facilities themselves, as well as door handles etc. used when entering/leaving.
  • At the end of each session Scholar Victoria members will be expected to help in mopping the floors with appropriate disinfectant/cleaners (provided by Scholar Victoria Inc.).

Where the facility is located at a school:

  • No access to facilities will be allowed within half an hour of the end of the school day, or when a school activity has taken place in the venue. This limits the overlap of facility occupants.

7.5 Recording of Attendance

Scholar Victoria Inc. currently records the attendance of all members who come to classes and events. We currently maintain a register of contact details for all members, and these will be made available for the purposes of contact tracing where required by medical authorities.

7.6 Actions for a Confirmed COVID19 Case

 The following provisions are set out for confirmed cases of COVID19:

  • All club members/participants are REQUIRED to inform the club if they have been confirmed as having COVID19.
  • Scholar Victoria Inc. is to inform the owner of the venue immediately of a COVID19 case.
  • Scholar Victoria Inc. is to immediately inform all participants and members who have been in contact with any individual who has been diagnosed with COVID19.
  • If a confirmed COVID19 case occurs the club will cease training for a period of at least 2 weeks, during which contacts should be tested for COVID19.
  • Once all members have been cleared and the venue has agreed, training may recommence.

7.7 Participant Waiver

The regular participant waiver will be extended to include COVID19 considerations. Particularly that:

  • Participants acknowledge they have been informed of the risk of COVID19.
  • Participants accept and assume all risks regarding COVID19.
  • Neither the Venue nor Scholar Victoria Inc. will be held responsible for infection of a participant with COVID19.

7.8 Breaches of Policy

Any breach of this policy is taken extremely seriously by Scholar Victoria.

Breaches to the policy will be investigated and handled in accordance with the disciplinary procedures outlined in the Member Protection Policy, consequences may include exclusion from training and events, or revocation of membership.