19th Century Syllabus

Our fencing syllabus is rounded out with sabre fencing systems from the 19th century.

Sabre fencing is fun and effective way to quickly learn a the principles of fencing which can then be applied to any other weapon.
It has fewer protective equipment requirements than fencing with a Longsword, and yet still allows fencers to achieve high levels of technical excellence and compete in international level events.

Our sabre syllabus draws on the writings of Alfred Hutton, particularly his book “Cold Steel” from the late 19th Century.  Huttons system uses lightweight sabres and is perfect for a learning environment.  We also use the text of John Musgrave Waite, Lessons in Sabre, Singlestick, Sabre and Bayonet, and Sword Feats; or, How to use a cut and thrust Sword”, which serves as an excellent complement to the Hutton style of fencing.