15th Century Syllabus

Our 15th Century syllabus is drawn from writings in the tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer and is presented in parallel contrast with our 16th century fencing classes.

Liechtenauer himself was a fencing master of the late 14th/early 15th century, however we have no direct writings or historical records of his existence.  The entire body of his fencing system has been passed on to us through other writers from the 15th century.  This system was recorded as a series of verses known as the Zettel, and various authors reproduced these verses, adding their own explanation of the techniques described therein.

Our own syllabus uses these commentaries (often called “glosses”), in particular we lean heavily on the following authors:

With supporting material from:

Specifically the recitals and commentaries from these authors are used in teaching the Longsword.



The 15th century was the heyday of the Longsword, seeing its use across the battlefields of Europe.  The majority of fencing compilations of the era include one or more sections on the use of the Longsword.  Typically there is an unarmoured fencing section (Blossfechten), as well as often a section on fighting in harness (armour), known as Harnisfechten, and descriptions of using the longsword while mounted (Rossfechten).

Typically we teach only the Blossfechten techniques, though we do include other techniques as applicable, and have members with special interests in the other styles of Longsword fencing.