Who are we?

We are a Melbourne based school of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) teaching 15th and 16th century German swordsmanship, as well as other arts such as fighting with dagger, staff, and polearms.  You can find more information about styles we teach, here.

We are a non-profit community organisation working to promote historical fencing as a martial art and modern sport, and we welcome participants of all age groups, levels of fitness, and backgrounds, to take part.

Head Coach: Daniel Pope

Daniel has more than 20 years of martial arts experience, and began his journey in HEMA after reading J. Christopher Amberger’s “The Secret History of the Sword,” in the mid 2000s.

In 2017 Daniel was ranked in the top 20 longsword fencers worldwide, and was one of the top 50 sabre fencers.

His areas of interest run to the full set of  weapons in Meyer’s system, as well as 15th century longsword and 19th century military sabre.

In between swinging swords, Daniel works for the Defence Department building flight simulators and other grown up toys, as well as working for RMIT in the field of Artificial Intelligence research.